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What chance do we have? The question is "what choice." Run, hide, plead for mercy, scatter your forces. You give way to an enemy this evil with this much power and you condemn the galaxy to an eternity of submission. The time to fight is now!

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Player: Lunabuna

Canon: Star Wars

Canon Point: Moments before death

Alignment: Sosyne

Date of Entry: 9/05/2017

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  • CANON: Star Wars
  • CANON POINT: moments before death
  • AGE: 21
  • SPECIES: Human
  • PB: Lunabuna
  • CURRENT GAME(S): [community profile] empatheias
  • Jyn Erso was a human female soldier and former criminal who became a pivotal member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic when she led Rogue One in stealing the Death Star plans during the Battle of Scarif. She was the daughter of Lyra Erso, a devout member of the Church of the Force, and scientist Galen Erso, who was forced into helping the Galactic Empire build the Death Star. Erso's mother was killed when Director Orson Krennic, the commander of the Death Star project, kidnapped her father—who affectionately referred to his daughter as "Stardust." She was raised by resistance fighter Saw Gerrera and became a child soldier in his army.

    After being abandoned by the Partisans, Erso spent several years on her own, committing a number of crimes in order to survive in a dangerous galaxy. In 0 BBY, she was recruited by the Rebel Alliance to find Gerrera on Jedha, where he had information about Galen and the Death Star project. She found a holographic recording of her father who confirmed the existence of the Death Star and that the plans kept on Scarif would reveal a fatal weakness he planted in its design. She attempted to save her father on Eadu, but he was killed. With little support from the Rebel Alliance, Jyn and Captain Cassian Andor led a squad, Rogue One, to Scarif where they stole the plans from the Imperial security complex. She transmitted the plans to the Alliance Fleet that arrived in orbit, but the Death Star soon fired on Scarif in an attempt to eliminate the Rebel threat. Erso and Andor were the last surviving members of their squad, and they died when the blast reached the complex.
    Erso was remembered fondly by the Rebel leader, Mon Mothma, who believed that she would have become an even more extraordinary person if she had survived. Her sacrifice was not in vain, however. The Rebel Alliance used the plans to discover the flaw Galen built into the battle station, and the weapon was destroyed by Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Yavin.
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  • Muse list: Here
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HOW'S MY DRIVING?Think I'm doing okay? Anon allowed, comments screened.
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totally fine!

Threadhopping: that's fine as long as it doesn't severely disrupt the flow of the thread.

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Warnings: rape is touchy. talk to me about it first.
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Player: Lunabuna
Contact: [ profile] lunayoshi
Age: 34
Current Characters: n/a


Character: Jyn Erso
Age: 21
Canon: Star Wars
Canon Point: moments before death


Wookieepedia link
Wikipedia link


Life hasn't been kind to Jyn. She was orphaned at a young age and left to fend for herself after she was "betrayed" by her other father figure. It's hardened her and made her weary of others, lest they also backstab her or die themselves. Losing her first love to crossfire in the war has caused her to be hesitant to be attracted to or show affection to men she's compatible with. [EXPAND]

She is, however, very easily trusting of people she's already made a deep connection with. Whether her father was helping the Empire or not, she still believes he was acting in the best interest of innocents. While Saw Gerrera did leave her to fend for herself when she was a teenager, she still cares about him enough to protest when he urges her to leave without him when a deadly wave of earth looms over them both. She hasn't known Cassian Andor when he has to pull her away from her father's body, but they have been through a lot together, and she relents [KEEP GOING. REWATCH THIS PART.]

Jyn is pretty impulsive. [ELABORATE.]

She's also quite defiant. Being told she can't do something just makes her more motivated to do just that. When she was told she wouldn't be receiving help from the rebels because it was hopeless, she became impatient and spiteful and went off to do it by herself anyway. She wasn't deterred by the fact that she would only be aided by three other people either. She knew what she wanted to do and wasn't going to let anyone tell her she couldn't. The things she did to survive in the world garnered criticism from others too. They called her immoral, but she didn't care. She does what she wants and what she thinks is best for people she cares about. Period.

These is also an examples of how heroic she is. Jyn doesn't help people for the glory but only because she feels it's the right thing to do. She has qualms about killing people and hasn't ever killed when she hasn't needed to---solely out of self-defense or defense of the innocent. Her dedication to helping others is fueled heavily by her history of parental figures dying at the hands of tyrannical dictators and their minions. She has lost both of her biological parents to an Imperial general, her surrogate mother to a firefight in the war, and her father figure to an Imperial weapon her father had had a hand in sabotaging. These losses in addition to other misdeeds has led her to consider the Empire the greatest source of evil that must be thwarted. |?| 

Jyn has a bit of a soft spot for young girls in peril. She goes out of her way to help two, for example: when storm troopers steal a little girl's Tooka-cat doll, she fights them and returns it to its owner. When a little girl is caught in a firefight on Jedha, she selflessly carries the girl to the safety of her mother's arms. She relates to their helplessness and fear and her knee-jerk reaction is to help them as best she can without a second thought. If someone like her had helped her when she was young, she wouldn't have had to go through the hardships she did, such as homelessness and torture, struggling to survive in a world that isn't concerned with her well-being.

  • Fighting: Jyn can scrap with the best of them in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Aptitude with guns: she has remarkable aim with a pistol.
  • Forging: she can fake documents or whatever as needed to get by.
Alignment: Sysyne: all of her losses and stresses in life has caused her to be pretty impetuous and aggravated. She could use a little calming down.


Hugging Cassian as a giant wave of water and dirt immerses them is the point at which she arrives suddenly in Verens.


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Questions: nope.


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